When Loss is not an option

There are many situations in business when loss is an acceptable option.  The loss can be protected by using insurance or by passing the cost through to the consumer.  P2S2 is used "When Loss is Not an Option".  These losses can cause devastating damage to your business, other businesses, and individual's personal lives. 

Loss of Life

Terrorists never sleep.  They only need to create fear to achieve their goals.  A great deal of security is focused on enriched uranium, but low- level nuclear waste in the hands of a terrorist is just as dangerous.  This type of material exists at hospitals across the country. 

It is estimated that a dirty bomb at one of our nation's ports could result in losses in the trillions.  The P2S2 device is capable of detecting various biological and radiological materials and communicating those findings.  These types of proactive measures are needed in fighting terrorism. 

Loss of Purity

Every year it is estimated that 1% of all prescriptions in the United States are filled with counterfeit drugs.  The loss of purity in the drug supply chain not only has an economic price tag, but creates a health risk for everyone. 

P2S2 Technology in conjunction with other leaders in the field of data and telecommunications are working on the solution that will protect our nation's drug supply. 

Loss of Reputation

For many companies the loss of reputation and credibility can strike a deadly blow to the bottom line.  Sometimes the devastation can never be recovered from.  Reputations are not limited to companies but individuals who work for groups or organizations.    

The P2S2 system can provide safeguards and critical information along with state-of-the-art security technology that can protect your company and employees from these damaging instances.


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