P2S2 SYSTEM Features

Providing security for high value assets demands the use of the latest and most sophisticated technology available.  To protect critical commercial and governmental shipments, a single layer of physical security, such as a key lock or keypad, is no longer adequate. 

To this end, we have developed a system of Layered Security Technology.  By using multiple layers of overlapping redundant high tech security and information elements, the system can reduce instances of loss, theft, tampering, and contamination.  Certain sensors are also available that can help prevent potential acts of terrorism. 

Our patented system of Layered Security Technology utilizes the following layers:

LAYER 1: PHYSICAL Protection


The line of P2S2 containers feature the Storm Case from Hardigg Industries.  Hardigg Storm Cases provide the safest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive or vital equipment.  Your options are not limited the sizes shown on our website.  Hardigg offers a full line of sizes that cover almost every utilization.  The P2S2 devise can also be retro fitted to your existing containers in many instances.  Please contact us for this option.

Features of the Container are:

     Airtight, Water-Resistant Cases

     Grooved Male/Female Fitted Lid Seal

      Pressure Release Valve

      Unique Press & Pull Latches

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To protect your assets in transit we offer several inner packing options. Optional features include:

Cubed foam panels that are easily formed
into various shapes.

Molded or formed plastic inserts to hold
specific products

P2S2 will customize an inner pack for your individual products needs.

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LAYER 2: Access Control

The P2S2 system offers a variety of locking options dependant on your unique security needs and access situation.  To find out which one is right for you contact us or fill out our need analysis form located on the website.

The system is equipped with an audit trail and sensors to report any change in the lock/unlock status and when the container lid opens and closes.  It not only gives you a report but you can set the system to notify you whenever these events occur.

If access control is your primary focus we offer the ultimate programmable electronic locking system; the Nexgen® by Medeco®. Programming is accomplished over the internet by placing the key in a cradle and entering an authorization code. It is easily programmed by month, day or day parts as desired by the project manager. The benefit of this system is to limit access to specific dates and times that only select individuals in your organization can control.  An audit trail on all key and lock activity is also included.



P2S2 Communication Device Overview:

The P2S2 Communication Device is a fully customizable hardware platform with a variety of communication, sensor and power options. The Sentry unit is driven by an ARM/DSP-based microcontroller capable of managing complex multithreaded algorithms with built-in support for complex data analysis and encryption. The system architecture follows a mother/daughter board approach, allowing additional functionality and options to be added to the base motherboard which includes the main unit processor and expansion connectors. Because of the recent advances in COTS offerings, it is presently very cost effective to include multiple radio and sensor architectures within a single product.

The following options are currently available on the P2S2 Communications Devise platform:

Communication/Data Uplink Options:
  - RFID (433 MHz, 850-960 MHz, 2.4-2.6 GHz, custom radios)
  - Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
  - Zigbee-Compliant Mesh Radio (802.15.4)
  - GSM/GPRS/SMS Quad Band Cellular Modem (SIM card compatible)
  - CDMA Cellular Modem
  - LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite Modem (Tx only)
  - LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite Modem (Tx/Rx)
  - External Data Connections and Expansion (RS232, RS485, SPI Bus, I2C Bus, CAN Bus, USB)
  - Micro SD Card Reader (Onboard Data Storage up to 8 Gigabytes)
  - Software Configurable Digital or Analog Input/Output
  - Encryption (AES 128/256, 3DES, FIPS 140-2)



Selective sensors located inside the container monitor various events and environmental conditions such as shock, temperature, and unauthorized entry.  All activity is logged and occurrences and locations are posted to our servers, which immediately notify you via telephone or text messaging.

Sensor Options:
- High Sensitivity GPS
- Differential GPS
- Accelerometer (tri-axis motion detection)
- Light/Dark
- Photographic
- Temperature
- Pressure
- Humidity
- Gas Monitoring
- Radiation Monitoring
- Frequency Detection and Excitation (125KHz – 6 GHz)
- Aircraft Detection Circuitry (patent pending circuitry utilized for the detection of operable aircraft
within the vicinity of the tag, when triggered the unit automatically deactivates the transmitting
portions of the circuitry to avoid interference with aircraft operations)
- Additional Sensors Can Be Interfaced Using GPIO Capabilities



The system is designed to accommidate either active powered RFID tags or passive tags. The use of RFID is specific and our technology allows for flexibility in application. Most RFID systems requires the tag to pass through a portal to be recorded. Our system creates a “Portable Portal” that keeps you in constant contact with the assets.  This technology is ideal for applications that require exceptional visibility and monitoring of high value assets.

     The P2S2 uniqueness…our readers are constant “portals.”

     (API) Application Program Interface gives real time reporting through
          our communication devise.

     Encrypted data steam protection.


LAYER 6: 24/7 Monitoring

For added security, P2S2 containers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If any irregularities occur within the container, an array of communications protocols assures that all of your pre-selected contacts are alerted immediately.  Additionally, tracking is accelerated until the security issue is resolved.



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