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P2S2 is on the cutting edge of technology creating security solutions that go above and beyond traditional GPS tracking of assets. We provide real-time information using patented wireless communication and remote sensing technology to monitor high-value cargo. Our visibility and security solutions are developed in partnership with our customers to deliver precise information on logistics, and asset condition based on their individual requirements. P2S2's unique capabilities is the standard for high security.

Our innovative solutions provide unprecedented levels of real-time security and “sensing” of key assets, whether stationary or in transit, indoors or outdoors. P2S2 detects, where an asset is, what its status or condition is from anywhere in the world.

Data Tape Security 

In 2007, it was estimated that the over 3.7 million individuals had personal financial information lost due to negligence by companies.  These losses occur can occur in a number of ways but the most common are either when back up data tapes are lost in transit or when employees laptops are lost or stolen. 


Estimates put the number of data tapes currently in use at about 1.4 billion, and because companies continue to spread the risk of storing too much sensitive information in one place, that number will continue to rise as long as companies want to back up their information. Furthermore, existing legislation (Sarbanes - Oxley) makes the loss of any personal information held by a corporation a serious compliance problem. Resulting in expenses, negative P.R. and loss of clients.


P2S2 incorporates RFID readers, GPS tracking and cellular communication all inside a locked container to achieve this security solution. The container can hold up to 80 data tapes. An individual RFID tag is place on each tape and stored inside an inner box. The container holds up to 4 boxes. RFID antennas constantly monitor and report on the status of the contents. The lock and lid sensors provide a record in the event the container is opened any time before it arrives at the final destination.

The P2S2 solution is a complete turnkey system companies can use to not only identify where their tapes are at all times, but also identify the time and location of any breach, with immediate and automatic notification via cell phone, e-mail or whatever method the company chooses.

Evidence Collection & Storage

The collection, storage and disposal of police evidence is a serious subject.  Police work hard developing procedures and organizational systems to make sure evidence is neither lost or stolen.  Police are responsible for maintaining evidence is some instances for close to 100 years. 

It is for these reasons P2S2 has developed  the Evidence Integrity System.  The system not only erases any doubt of evidence mishandling but also can assists in the process of recording evidence for short or long term storage.  It even can aid in the process of destroying evidence after the courts decide it is no longer needed.


P2S2 incorporates RFID readers, GPS tracking, multiple sensors and cellular communications all inside a locked container to achieve the security solution. When evidence is collected a description of the item is recorded on a reusable powered RFID tag. The tag is then place on the individual container holding the evidence. The powered tags send a signal to the P2S2 communications devise inside the container. The data recorded on the tags are sent to the server and a permanent record of the collected evidence has been achieved.

The P2S2 solution is a complete turnkey system police departments can use to not only record and track evidence in transit but provides proof of the chain of custody. If at any time the powered tag leaves the general proximity of the P2S2 communications devise an alert notification will be sent. These records along with many other sensor data readings provide the information that can erase any doubt of evidence mishandling.


The P2S2 line of shipping containers offers a new level of security to a wide range of industries. 

Police Evidence (see Evidence Integrity System for more details)
Antique Dealers
Armored Carriers
Art Galleries
Bonds & Securities
Casinos / Hotels
Corporate Records Storage
Cruise Ships / Resorts
Estate Archives
Government Offices
Homeland Security
Medical / Hospital
Military Records
Military Equipment / Supplies
Money Transfer
Movie Crew Equipment
Moving / Storage Companies
Music Concert Groups
Property Rooms
Precious Metals / Gems
Professional Sports Teams (Equipment)
Purity Control / Guarantees
Retail Theft Prevention
Specialty Printing Companies




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